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Hairdressing ScissorsAll Items £300 +All Items £200 - £200All Items £150 - £200All Items £100 - £150All Items £50 - £100Items under £50
CLEARANCE Hairdressing Scissors, Razors and Pouches
All Clearance Scissors, Thinners And Razors from £8.99 (ex VAT)
Training Heads, Cases & Bags, Combs, Brushes, Section Clips and Much More
BARBERS Scissors
BARBERS Scissors from £22.00 (ex VAT)
All Items Under 50
Full Range of Scissors, Thinners and Razors Under £50.00
All Items 50 - 100
Full Range of Scissors, Thinners and Razors £50 - £100
All Items 100 - 150
Full Range of Scissors, Thinners and Razors £100 - £150
All Items 150 - 200
Full Range of Scissors & Thinners £150 - £200
All Items 200 - 300
Full Range of Scissors & Thinners £200 - £300
All Items 300 and Over
Full Range of Scissors & Thinners £300 and Over
Left Handed Scissors from £35.99 (ex VAT)
SCISSOR Pouches, Cases and Cutting Collars
AMA Scissors
AMA Scissors from £36.99 (ex VAT)
BONIKA Scissors
BONIKA Scissors from £71.00 (ex VAT)
BUTTERCUT Scissors from £99.00 (ex VAT)
DOVO Scissors
DOVO Scissors from £38.00 (ex VAT)
EKS Scissors
EKS Scissors from £15.99 (ex VAT)
GLAMTECH Scissors from £15.99 (ex VAT)
GOTTA Scissors
GOTTA Scissors from £29.99 (ex VAT)
HAITO Scissors
HAITO Scissors from £29.95 (ex VAT)
HENBOR Scissors
HENBOR Scissors from £22.00 (ex VAT)
JAGUAR Scissors
JAGUAR Scissors from £69.99 (ex VAT)
JAY2 Scissors
JAY2 Scissors from £79.99 (ex VAT)
JOEWELL Scissors
JOWELL Scissors from £84.99 (ex VAT)
KASHO Scissors
KASHO Scissors from £100 (ex VAT)
KIEPE Scissors
KASHO Scissors from £49.99 (ex VAT)
KOBE Scissors
KOBE Scissors from £25.00 (ex VAT)
KOI Scissors
KOI Scissors from £41.99 (ex VAT)
KYOTO Scissors
KYOTO Scissors from £57.50 (ex VAT)
MIRAKI Scissors
MIRAKI Scissors from £179.00 (ex VAT)
MIZUTANI Scissors from £189.00 (ex VAT)
OSAKA Scissors
OSAKA Scissors from £83.99 (ex VAT)
PASSION Scissors
PASSION Scissors from £109.00 (ex VAT)
SAMURAI Scissors
SAMURAI Scissors from £70.00 (ex VAT)
STR Scissors
STR Scissors from £24.99 (ex VAT)
TONDEO Scissors
TONDEO Scissors from £85.99 (ex VAT)
TRI Scissors
ITALY TRI Scissors from £18.99 (ex VAT)
YASAKA Scissors
YASAKA Scissors from £110.00 (ex VAT)
SCISSOR Set and Kits
SCISSOR KITS from £22.99 (ex VAT)
HAIRDRESSING Razors and Cut Throat Razors
RAZORS from £9.99 (ex VAT)
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Welcome to DIRECT HAIRDRESSING SCISSORS, the online shop for professional hairdressing scissors, thinning scissor, hairdressing razors, hairdryers, straighteners, clippers from top brands in the hairdressing tools industry such as AMA, BABYLISS, BONIKA, BUTTERCUT, DESIGN DOO, DMi, DOVO, EKS, FISHER, GLAMTECH, GOTTA, HAITO, HENBOR, JAGUAR, JAY 2, JOWELL, KASHO, KIEPE, KOBE, KODO, KOI, KYOTO, MIRAKI, MIZUTANI, OSAKA, PARLUX, PASSION, SAMURAI, STR SCISSORS, TONDEO, TRI SCISSORS, YASAKA, WAHL plus student products and a large range of scissor pouches.
If you have any questions please ring our help team on 01270 630280, Monday to Thursday 9.00-5.00 and Friday 9.00-3.00pm or email us on our contact us page.

Best Selling Items

BUTTERCUT 639 Cheetah 46 Teeth Blender Scissors

BUTTERCUT 639 Cheetah 46 Teeth Blender Scissors


BUTTERCUT 639 Cheetah 46 Teeth Blender Scissors, a great blender for removing bulk and weight from heavy hair, the Cheetah Blenders will create a medium soft finish to the ends, excellent for cutting short styles.
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BUTTERCUT Special Barber 604 6.25 Inch Scissors

BUTTERCUT Special Barber 604 6.25 Inch Scissors


BUTTERCUT Special Barber 604 6.25 Inch Scissors, with a wedge blade for ultimate sharpness this is a great scissor for all cutting styles, but especially for barber cutting, boasting an angular point in an offset handle with a curved thumb, you will find this very comfortable indeed.
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KODO Craned Hairdressing Scissors

KODO Craned Hairdressing Scissors


KODO Craned Hairdressing Scissors, scissors with fixed finger rest, finger inserts and tension screw,
hollow ground blades for great cutting action, concave razor-edged cutting surface for perfect cutting,
leaf spring balancing system for brilliant balance and with ratcheted tensioning system, offset grip for ease of operation and comfort. Crane angled blades which reduces stress and strain on the cutting hand.

Available in 5 inch and 5.5 inch.
All Kodo scissors come with a black scissor pouch.
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