Scissor Handle Types

Scissor Handle Types

Hair Scissors come in a variety of shapes. There is no right or wrong and shape preference comes down to personal taste. It is worth considering that your scissors are an extension of your hand, and how a pair of scissors fit your hand is an important factor in determining which pair to purchase.

Joewell Classic Hairdressing Scissors (2001)

Opposing (Classic)

Opposing or classic handles are a design for people who hold their scissors with their middle finger. This choice of handle design was for many years the only option available. Since is was the most popular design for so long, it remains an industry standard even though research has determined that there is a possibility of hand and wrist health issues related to this particular design.

Prolonged use of this shape of scissor may lead to syndromes similar to and including Carpal Tunnel.

MIZUTANI Sword D17 Hairdressing Scissors


Offset handles are a modern design preferred by people who hold their scissors with their ring finger. This handle style allows for a more natural hand position while cutting.

This design allows you to cut with a more relaxed hand; however it is still necessary for you to elevate your elbow to achieve proper blade positioning. The shorter thumb handle reduces over extension of the thumb.

KIEPE Blue Fire Series Craned Ring Offset 5.5 Inch Hairdressing Scissors

Crane (Very offset)

The crane design is angled to drop the elbow position, allowing for better body positioning when cutting while still achieving a proper blade angle. The crane design is a good choice for people prone to neck and shoulder pain.

CISORIA OEW550 Twister 5.5 Inch Hairdressing Scissors


The swivel handle is great because no matter which direction you are cutting in, your thumb is in the correct position. The swivel type of handle has a freer, less restrictive feel and is in contrast to a more controlled feeling of the stationary thumb hole. It generally takes 2-3 cuts to get used to the feel of a swivel design and as you become more comfortable with it, you will notice that your hand and wrist will have less pain and more comfort throughout the day.

Open Thumb Hole

Allows for a 360 cutting radius and thus increases your cutting options. Your thumb will no longer be restricted to a circle area and you will be able to be more creative with your cutting techniques. The open thumb hole design will give you the ability to turn your scissor without strain on your hand and wrist.


The anatomical handle has a curve in the thumb hole. The thumb hole is designed to mimic the natural direction the thumb will take as you pick up the scissors. This is generally more comfortable and less restrictive for people to use since only a small portion of the thumb or thumb nail is placed within the thumb hole.

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