Hairdressing Scissors, Barber Scissors and More!

Direct Hairdressing Scissors, part of Direct Salon Supplies Ltd, have been supplying professional hairdressing scissors to the salons and barber shops since 2005. We sell the complete range of quality scissors of various types including traditional styles of hairdresser scissors and shears, left-handed hairdresser scissors, thinning scissors / texturising scissors and barbers scissors. We maintain a dedicated student shop with a great range of salon supplies and equipment for hairdressing students including a carefully selected a range of great value, hard-wearing scissors perfect for those entering the hair and beauty trade. We also supply a great range of hair razors, as well as cut-throat razors, scissor cases, pouches and belts. Finally check out our special offers as we often have items available at superb prices but with limited stock.

What’s so special about hair scissors?

To hairdressers and barbers who are engaged in cutting hair on a daily basis, hair scissors have to be the most important tools of the trade. Also referred to as ‘hair-cutting shears’, these special scissors that have specifically designed blades for cutting hair, manufactured from the hardest stainless steel. Hair-cutting shears are distinct as their blades are MUCH sharper than those of standard scissors. ‘Shears’ usually range in size from about 5 to 7 inches long, frequently featuring a finger brace or ‘tang’. This finger brace gives the hairdresser far more control when cutting. With practicality in mind, you may also wish to get hold of a scissor pouch to keep your tools protected and easy to reach – after all, you wouldn’t buy a mobile phone and not put a good protective cover on it!

There are a wide variety of professional scissor brands available in the UK and we feature most of them on this website. We are proud to supply scissors from the leading scissor brands including Dovo, Jaguar, Joewell, Tondeo, Kasho, Koi and Yasaka. In addition, we offer great value scissors for students right on up to the finest quality scissors available, including those favoured by celebrity hairdressers. We also have a great range of thinning scissors and left-handed scissors available.

How do I choose?

Choosing between them can sometimes be difficult. Like any market place, all scissors are not created equal but without expert knowledge it is a tough job distinguishing between one brand from another.

  • What distinguishes one scissor from another within the same range?
  • Why do some scissors feel more comfortable than others?
  • How do you maintain, store and how often should you service your scissors?

Fortunately we are here to help – We have many years of experience with these essential tools of the salon trade and are happy to help if you need us, just call 01270 630280 for advice. In addition, our blog covers some of the issues to look out for and the differences within professional scissors.


Hairdressing scissors generally have two blades, a handle, a pivot and cut hair… So what are the real differences between scissor ranges? Perhaps it is of primary importance when choosing hair scissors to find a pair which reduced hand fatigue as much as possible. It is also well worth considering size, which plays a big part in the type of hairstyle you can cut. When choosing a pair of scissors for use at work or home, consider which blade type you want, including bevelled and convex, along with the budget you have available. In light of these various differences, we are happy to explain the key differences between scissors. Knowledge is power and there is nothing more powerful than making an informed decision. The more information that you know about your tools, the better choices you can make.

Find out more about key issues in scissor design, the materials used, scissor handle and blade choices, manufacture process and the country of origin.