Hair Scissors made in Japan

Japanese Hairdressing Scissors
from Japan

Japanese Hairdressing Scissors – It’s not surprising that the country historically known for perfecting the art of blade smithing is now recognised worldwide as the creators of some of the finest hairdressing and barber scissors available for the salon industry. Japanese steel is thought to be of the best quality with many brands producing hand-forged shears enabling them to create exceptionally sharp and precise edges.

Although many manufacturers import steel from Japan for making their scissors, to trulely benefit from the experience of thousands of years Japanese swordsmithing you’ll need to buy a fully Japanese scissor. Our favourite brands of Japanese Hairdressing Scissors include:

Joewell Tokosha, Kasho, Kyoto, Miraki, Mizutani, Osaka, Samurai, Washou, and Yasaka.

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