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Edward M. Gieb – Pioneering R&D and engineering excellence

For over 40 years, Edward M. Geib, Jr., has been a true pioneer in the fields of R&D, as well as the manufacture of top-quality hair cutting and dog grooming tools from his base in the USA. His internationally renowned sharpening service has earned him worldwide recognition for quality workmanship.

When he started out, Mr. Geib began by receiving extensive training with a professional German cutlerer. He went on to gain further invaluable knowledge and experience from a manufacturer of surgical instruments. In addition, Mr. Geib has also undertaken significant training from nine major Japanese scissors companies.

In order to identify and make use of the very finest materials and latest methods, Mr. Geib frequently visits steel companies, heat-treatment facilities, forging plants, and manufacturing facilities, both in the USA and also around the world. An area of significant improvement that has resulted from these tours was the introduction of innovations such as ball bearing pivot mechanisms.

Like a knife through butter…

Many of the Gieb product lines include models with these Ball Bearing pivots. This innovative design incorporates ball bearings in a housing which is press-fitted into the pivot hole. The motion of the ball bearing effectively limits the motion at the pivot to a single plane, effectively eliminating the annoying “wobble” which quickly develops in inferior scissors which occurs when the pivot hole wears because of the motion against the pivot pin. The bearings in Buttercut Scissors provide the minimum friction at the pivot point so the acton of the scissors becomes nearly effortless.

Mr. Geib combines the finest materials and cutting edge technology with knowledge and extensive experience in order to produce the finest quality hair cutting shears. These hair cutting instruments are continually being improved in order to meet the evolving needs of today’s hair stylists. The finest materials and experienced craftsmanship applied in the production of these scissors make Buttercut Scissors the precision tools they are, leading them to become famous worldwide for combining beautiful appearance and top-notch high performance.

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