Help your clipper blades survive Covid!

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COVID-19 - Advice for hairdressers, barbers and beautician shops

A tale of (over) enthusiastic cleaning

We have had a few reports from customers recently regarding rusty blades on clippers and we believe this is a direct result of the increase in hygiene cleaning due to Covid-19, barbers are using various products such as clippercide to clean and sanitise their blades MUCH more regularly than they did prior to the Covid outbreak. Whilst the blades may be cleaner as a result, the use of these products also strips the oil off clipper blades so it is very important to reapply oil after the blades are cleaned, otherwise any dampness will soon start to rust the blade. This is especially important at the end of the day, clippers should never be left overnight without oiling the blade first.

*Remember a blade is not covered under warranty.

Basic reminders below

  • Blades / cords / chargers are not covered under warranty.
  • This includes foils.
  • Only the clippers/trimmer units themselves are covered.
  • On average, for example, Wahl clippers have a 2% return rate which is on average only 1 clipper / trimmer in 50 sold is a genuine fault
  • Normally any fault would in set up and would be noticed within the first time of use, so if the complaint is within the first week or two take this more seriously than a complaint after a few weeks or more

Common issues reported which are not faults

Blades cut the skin / not cutting hair / don’t hold their charge / started to make a noise. These almost always blade related issues which not covered under the warranty and simply down to blunt blades / blades not aligned / damaged blades / blades not oiled / clippers and blades not cleaned.